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Breath Giver

            every eon arous’d I become
            by a stranger’s sensual embrace
            till I cry aloud a joyful cry
            and spew forth my eggs
            of liquid fire and ash
            to mingle with the suitors
            of land and sky and sea
            that my evolving world might endure
            not only to join Time
            but Her for some to really feel

daily bread

mid morn—
kitchen window opens its eyes—
charming our nest into song frenzy—
front door reveals a friend
trying to mimic our chirp—
“Morning, pretty birds!”
our hearts beat past our wings
as wild seed fills our aerial bowl
and garnishes the feet of our tree—
“Enjoy, pretty birds!”
once again so good be life—
‘tis breakfast in Vale of Spring

love’s token

                                      I stop for an instant
                                      to look here—
                                      a thought of you emerges—
                                      the happiness in your face—
                                      your eyes and lips joining hands
                                      and embracing the special moments
                                      that were ours…
                                      and will always be

Terra anemic

                                                      cities take a drag
                                                      trees mark’d eminent domain
                                                      rain nowhere to grow





These are recently taken photos of one of our backyard lavender plants.  It was only by luck that we noticed the strange phenomena known as molting, whereby some insects shed their exoskeletons.  Grasshopper nymphs do this 5 to 6 times before reaching adulthood, after which they die in about 2 months.  This fellow will probably enjoy one of my purposely-unprotected Asian bok choy plants, which I leave for the butterflies (and their larva) to enjoy.  Since this writing, a second grasshopper has been discovered already emerged from her exoskeleton.