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love’s rejection
shaman sacrifices
seeds of war—
when spirit of Sky
drown’d the fires
of Underworld’s god—
that Mazama might hatch
from its mountain cocoon
and be reborn into purity—
into Crater Lake



with each breath
a spectrum of Life—
her nose and cheek
with another day—
while at night
a rainbow of grays
from sleepless dreams

Eclipse Siam

                                    o’er Lavapura
                                    sips Rahu a cup of mortality
                                    under eyes of Sun and Moon
                                    to ears of Vishnu—
                                    tho’ behead’d guilty demon
                                    his jaws still immortal chase
                                    and feed upon the tattlers—
                                    soon escapees from his fangs
                                    hamper’d slowly in their wake
                                    till their slip off Maha’s doorstep
                                    renders the full smile
                                    of Day